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The incentivebank reward catalogue features something for everyone; from gift cards, wines and confectionery to experiences, travel and electronics.

The reward choice is never static, with daily updates, regular offers and seasonal promotions to keep the catalogue engaging and exciting.

Your reward catalogue can be completely customised to feature your own rewards or a selection that suits your ethos, audience and budget.

Merchandise & Gifts
Food, Drink & Entertainment
Travel & Experiences
Gift Cards & Vouchers
Fashion & Retail
Health & Wellness
Custom Rewards
Fulfillment Services

For your top performers our concierge service are on hand to personalise the reward experience and because you only pay for reward points when they are redeemed, you benefit from huge savings and tax efficiencies over traditional cash or voucher programmes.


Our catalogue of added benefits can be included in your solution to give your users access to savings on hundreds of exciting brands.

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