All Work, No Play...

June 9th 2017 - employee motivation

Over the past decade, companies have worked hard to offer an interesting and innovative work place for their staff. From recreation rooms carpeted with faux grass to treadmill workstations and even in-office running tracks, providing a fun and relaxed work environment has been proven to reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and create brand ambassadors from your staff.

These kinds of options are not always viable, though, so how could you introduce this kind of thinking on a smaller scale?

Gamification has been used in companies and clubs for many many years. From the Scouts to Weight Watchers, collecting badges or points is a fantastic and motivating tool to aid the participant towards a desired end goal.

Gamification can not only be used to create a fun, happy atmosphere amongst your staff, it can also be used as a powerful skill-building tool. Using quizzes, or offering incentive for completing online training creates buzz, competition and above all promotes it being fun to learn. The result is a happy and well prepared workforce.

As part of your staff engagement programme, we can offer a host of tools from basic quizzes to our innovative learning module. Here your staff can challenge themselves learn at the same time - then reap the rewards.

Creating a well prepared, happy and motivated team can be fun and simple to achieve, and the methods of achieving this fits into any size marketing budget.

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