What is the service profit chain?

October 11th 2018 - employee motivation, employee engagement, engagement

Businesses are constantly trying to figure out the connection between their satisfaction and loyalty, efforts and profit.

The service profit chain is a theory and business model evolved by a group of researchers from Harvard University. The main conclusion drawn is that loyal customers are the result of loyal, engaged employees. Furthermore, leading service organisations are using the model to quantify the impact that loyal, engaged employees have on their bottom line.

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Why Should You Care about Employee Engagement?

February 6th 2018 - employee motivation, employee engagement, engagement

There’s a reason you get up, go to work and work hard, right? Everyone’s reasons and motivation for going to work will vary to some degree. Yes, it would be fair to say regardless of job or profession most people’s motivation to work is underlined by financial circumstance, the basic need to provide shelter, food and of course Wi-Fi for themselves or their family.

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2018 - The Year of Engagement

January 17th 2018 - employee motivation, employee engagement, engagement , customer loyalty

The festive period almost seems like a blurry and distant memory but now we are all propelled forward into the new working year feeling refreshed and exuberant. It can be difficult bringing in the new year with the expectation of starting something new and we understand that even just thinking of a resolution can seem pretty daunting.

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How Celebrity is Creating Engagement, and What Business Can Learn From Them

October 11th 2017 - employee motivation, recognition , reward , employees

Social media platforms used for engagement, such as Twitter and Snapchat aren’t for everyone. But one quick dip into the sea of celebrity and influencers can show you just how good these people (or their social media managers) are at marketing.

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How Important is Timing in Recognition?

August 2nd 2017 - employee motivation , recognition, reward , employees

We all know what it feels like to be recognised for achieving.

It’s great to be praised and rewarded for a job well done. But we also know how important it is to be recognised in good time. Leave it a little too long, and we feel ignored, like the work we’ve done has just swept away in the masses, and in worse cases it can lead to a disgruntled work-force.

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All Work, No Play...

June 9th 2017 - employee motivation

Over the past decade, companies have worked hard to offer an interesting and innovative work place for their staff. From recreation rooms carpeted with faux grass to treadmill workstations and even in-office running tracks, providing a fun and relaxed work environment has been proven to reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and create brand ambassadors from your staff.

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The Golden Rule

April 13th 2017 - employee motivation

In life, we know to follow the Golden Rule “Do as you would be done by”; simply put ‘treat others as you would want to be treated’. But internally in business this is far too often forgotten.

All companies have guidelines and best practices for how their customers should be treated. Repeat custom and loyalty is so important to a thriving and successful, long standing business, but many companies don’t catch onto the fact that these same best practices should be extended to staff, and that the type of service staff provide to each other will be directly reflected in the way external service is provided.

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