incentivesmart improve your profits using communication, reward and recognition to help businesses of all sizes to drive sales, increase brand engagement and improve performance of their employees, customers and channel partners.

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Employee Commitment

Engaged employees are more passionate about your business, productive, satisfied and loyal. Unleash the potential of your workforce to realise greater profitability.

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Channel Engagement

Uplifts in sales, brand enthusiasm, product knowledge and loyalty are just some of the benefits you can expect through your dealer and distribution channels with a well planned channel strategy

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Customer Loyalty

A well planned and executed loyalty strategy or sales campaign will bring your business increased sales leads, referrals, customer acquisition, better margins, and improved satisfaction.

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What we do

incentivesmart are a leading reward and recognition business in the uk. We help businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals by changing behaviour of their employees, customers and channel partners.

Points Banking Platform
Points Banking API
Reward Procurement
Digital & Physical Gift Cards
Pre-Paid Cards
Bespoke Promotions


Coca Cola
Kimberly Clark
Irwin Tools
Omega PLC
Healthcare Telecom Manufacturers Finance Technology Retail Education Hospitality

incentivebank gives Wyboston Lakes the tools to communicate their latest news, launches and complimentary products

As well as glean valuable insights into their customers
to help to continually improve their offering.

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Strategy +
Technology +
Creative +
Reward +
Management +
Insights +

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